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QCAnalytical offers pretreatment contracts, custom designed treatment programs, and professional consultation for development of “in house” programs using environmentally friendly products as well as EPA approved aquatic chemicals. A complete aquatic vegetation management program may include a variety of methods for controlling nuisance weeds. Services available include: professional application of registered pesticides, nutrient precipitation, and water quality monitoring and analysis. To inquire about the products, call 563-289-3373.

Nano2 technology QCAnalytical

Advanced Aeration Technology for Water & Wastewater

Reduce Operation Costs

Water and Wastewater treatment operations face increasing regulations and related cost. NanO2 technology offers enhanced operational performance and savings while meeting new regulations and permits.

Look Beyond Standard Aeration

The NanO2 process combines enhanced dissolution capabilities and patented high velocity nozzles for superior oxygen transfer efficiency.

Reduce Off-Gassing

NanO2 micro-nanobubble solution enables oxygen to remain solution up to weeks without measurable loss to off-gassing.

The Infusion Technology (IN) standard product line includes several model sizes ranging from 5 to 50 USGPM (18-190 LPM).

Our models are skid mounted and feature integrated high efficiency process pumps, advanced controls and instrumentation. Each “IN” systems feature a UL 508A control panel, and comply with local, state and federal guidelines for electrical and personnel safety.

To reduce corrosion and maintenance stainless steel components are utilized for all parts of the process that come in contact with the supersaturated solution. Larger engineered systems are available on request. Our skid-mounted systems are pre-piped and pre-wired to minimize installation time. The design limits the requirements for field labor to incoming fluid supply, discharge zone valve connections, electrical power supply and optional sensors when required.

While we have applied this technology to a wide range of applications, validation of the effectiveness is important when making a major equipment or process decision. To give our prospective customers an opportunity to confirm this, we have a fleet of pilot machines that can be rented for a few months and placed in “real life” conditions. Rental systems are Series 2 IN-15 skid mounted units that can be paired up with various oxygen or gas supplies; O2 generator, LOX or gas cylinders.

The Aeration Efficiency Rate

The micro nano-bubble process results in enhanced solubility and gas transfer efficiency, making higher concentrations available, providing more interface surface area and extended time in solution. It combines for better biological activity, chemical reactions or emulsification of various contaminants. The micro nano-bubble concentrated solution enables a very small volume—as low as 10% of the volume of water or wastewater to be used—to effectively aerate large volumes of water or wastewater.

The Infusion Technology

The Infusion Technology (IN) process can optimize the delivery of other soluble gases including Carbon Dioxide for pH adjustment, Nitrogen for non-indigenous species control, and Ozone for disinfection.

The process is energy efficient, reducing power consumption up to 60 % over current aeration systems. The “IN” process is one of, if not the most, efficient means to deliver high concentrations of dissolved gases in fluid.

Further efficiencies are achieved by the system’s ability to react to varying conditions, operating when needed, ramping up and down as required to satisfy DO demand. The result is more dissolved oxygen delivery per horsepower.