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analytical laboratory

Analytical Laboratory

  • Food and Beverage Analysis
  • Special Projects
  • Landfill monitoring
managed services

Managed Services

  • Certified Contract Operators
  • CEU Seminars for Water Treatment
  • Distribution and Wastewater Treatment Professionals
  • Test methods and sampling protocols are EPA approved.

Green Start Products

  • Lake/Lagoon Management Program
  • Water Treatment via the Total System Approach
  • Bio-Augmentation
  • Formulated Products

Why QC Analytical?

QCAnalytical Services, LLC is a full service commercial testing certified laboratory with an emphasis on environmental and special projects in addition to consulting services. Dr. Randall Wanke, Lab Director, oversees our professional staff composed of analysts with degrees and experience in chemistry, biology, environmental science, mathematics, as well as certification in water and wastewater operations.

We have state of the art instrumentation and data management using our LIMS and EPA based Quality Control program ensures confidence and validity in our timely test results.

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