Wastewater Analysis

QCAnalytical provides wastewater sampling and testing for NPDES compliance, pretreatment monitoring and storm water monitoring.

New VAR Study

According to 40 CFR 503.33, surface land application of WWTP sludge requires a successful pathogen and VAR test. However, WWTP sludges may be so depleted in volatile solids content that they cannot meet the 38% volatile solids reduction requirement for vector attraction reduction (VAR). In such cases, EPA allows for “Option 2” to show that this sludge meets the VAR requirement. QCAnalytical is equipped to perform the necessary ”Option 2” bench-scale test to see if your sludge meets the VAR requirement. Contact us for pricing and sampling information.

View the EPA document Environmental Regulations and Technology: Control of Pathogens and Vector Attraction in Sewage Sludge HERE.

Biomass Analysis Maintenance

Wastewater Treatment plants are bacteria farms and proper population control allows for basteria floc with ideal settling and solids handling properties. Bacteria are telltale of plant conditions and can respond within hours to changes in these conditions. Upon microscopic examination, QCAnalytical Services can assess your bacteria and higher life forms and diagnose an impending plant upset. With semi-weekly microscopic analysis, the normal biome in your plant and more precisely spot changing plant conditions that may impact wastewater effluent compliance can be characterized accurately. Protect your wastewater plant through Biomass Analysis Basic or Biomass Filamentous ID today! Download Biomass Analysis Spec Sheet HERE.

Biomass Analysis Spec Sheet

Biomass Sampling Procedures


  • BOD
  • VOC
  • COD
  • SVOC
  • Ammonia
  • TKN
  • FOG
  • Fecal coliform
  • Metals
  • Anions – nitrate, sulfate, nitrite, chloride
  • Cyanide
  • pH
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Phenols
  • TOC
  • TSS
  • Conductance
  • Acidity
  • TDS
  • Hardness
  • Alkalinity