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Analytical Lab

A healthy environment is dependent upon accurate and defensible analytical data. This statement defines the focus of the analytical lab of QCAnalytical Services, LLC. Our expertise will help you from conception to completion of your environmental project: initial preplanning and consultation, the gathering of samples and sample data and the analysis of data and the proper reporting of results to the permitting agency.

Our analytical techniques include a full range of instrumental methods (IC, GC, GC/MS, TOC, Flame AA), wet chemical analyses (COD, ammonia, TKN, FOG, Phenols, Cyanide, acidity/alkalinity or hardness titrations) and microbiological tests (BOD, total coliform, fecal coliform). This span of testing covers a variety of matrices from ground water, waste water, solid waste, biosolids and soil.

randall-wankeFor further information regarding the listed analyses or for special analyses, contact Dr.Randall Wanke, QCAnalytical lab director. Dr.Wanke holds a Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. He served as an environmental chemistry professor and chemistry department chair at Augustana College, a methods development chemistry at Monsanto Corporation and an analytical research chemist at the Dow Chemical Company. If you have questions for Dr.Wanke, then send an inquiry to our Ask The Lab HERE.